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Learn and Earn!

The Learn and earn program is an exciting opportunity that awaits you right here in Singapore. With the ever growing hospitality scene, you will be able to immerse yourself in a study-work culture like no other! Join us today and stand a chance to earn a scholarship from us!

Living in Singapore

The cost of living can be a huge hurdle for many international students. However, under the Learn and Earn program, you will be able to enjoy a subsidized rate for your diploma studies as well as earn $1000 SGD every month during your internship. This will allow you to live comfortably as a student in Singapore during the 6 months of your program here.

Studying In Singapore

An island nation, Singapore is modern and vibrant. It has a rich and multicultural heritage, and offers a cosmopolitan and fast-paced lifestyle. Partnered with world class tertiary education institutions; Singapore is the perfect destination for international students looking for a unique and contemporary higher education experience.

Why Singapore?

Singapore takes great pride in maintaining extremely high standards of teaching and learning. Singaporean universities also have a strong research focus. Many tertiary institutions in Singapore have strong links with various industries, meaning that you will be able gain practical experience alongside your tertiary education. This not only makes your time studying more interesting, it can also mean that you will find employment more easily.