Interested in Studying and Working in Singapore?

At Alliance Collegiate of Education, our job is to help you receive an education in Singapore. We have assisted Malaysian students and fresh graduates get a job in Singapore with little to no experience! The one year program consists of a fully funded hospitality course in Singapore, afterwhich you will receive an accredited diploma in hospitality recognised by Singapore institutions. Our students are encouraged to participate in a part-time job while pursuing their diploma, for extra allowance and practical experience that will look great on your CV. 

However, you may be wondering, why study in Singapore? What benefits are there to joining this program?

  1. Singapore’s education has received worldwide acclamation

The tertiary education system in Singapore is known to be world-class and well equipped with the latest technology-driven gadgets to boost the studying of students in the institutions. 

For more than a decade, Singapore has been at or near the top of international league tables that measure children’s ability in reading, maths and science. Singapore is also home to universities that have won global recognition for top-tier academics and boasts a reputation for academic excellence not just in Asia, but across the world.

  1. Affordable Education in Singapore

Many of us yearn to study abroad or overseas, but education in other countries, such as Australia, UK, or USA, may be too costly to consider. On top of the education fees, a student would need to consider other expenses, such as boarding, food and living costs. Singapore has proven to be a great alternative for a tertiary education, with a high standard of quality education and more affordable tuition fees. On top of that, getting around is easier and cheaper since public transport is quite extensive and affordable.

  1. A multicultural society – that feels just like home

Us Malaysians are used to the multicultural society that we have here – and Singapore is no different. With a variety of ethnic groups, Singapore is a melting pot of different religions, races, and cultures. This diversity has attracted foreign students from different corners in the world to pursue a Singaporean education. Given its proximity to Malaysia, many have also used this opportunity to find jobs in Singapore while still staying in Malaysia or traveling home every weekend.

  1. No language barrier – English spoken widely

Despite Singapore’s national language being Malay, English is widely spoken in Singapore and a majority of Singaporeans understand English. Students with difficulty communicating in other languages need not worry about paper work since English is the main language of business & administration.

And, even if you’re not too confident in your English proficiency, you need not worry! Thanks to the multicultural society, you would be able to converse with others in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil!

  1. A safe environment

As students, it is completely understandable why one would be nervous when moving somewhere abroad to pursue an education. While obtaining your diploma in Singapore, living away from home can be nerve-wracking and a little hard to get used to. However, you have little to worry about when coming to Singapore. Singapore was ranked the second safest city in the world in the 2019 Safe City Index. Singapore, with strict law enforcement, has one of the lowest crime rates. 

Alliance Collegiate of Education offers a unique learning experience where our students are able to learn diverse, professional skills specialising in hospitality in just one year. Our students, are able to work with reputable hospitality companies in Singapore while having a fully sponsored part time diploma.

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