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Benefits of doing a Work-Study Program

Alliance Collegiate of Education offers a unique work-study program that enables our students to obtain their diploma in Singapore while simountanously gaining valuable practical work experience.

Work Study Program Details 

You may be interested in pursuing an education in Singapore or even to get a job in Singapore. Perhaps you may have achieved a diploma locally, but are interested in getting a job in Singapore, despite not having prior experience. But we get it – many students are unable to financially afford an international education experience.

However, with our unique work-integrated study program, you will be able to get a fully sponsored diploma in Singapore while gaining allowance from working at renowned local service providers. In other words, students will learn and attend classes in Singapore to obtain their diploma while working a part-time job. The allowance earned from this work-study program will assist with tuition fees, living expenses and other education-related costs.

Why should I go for a work-study program?

  1. High employability.

It may be difficult for some students to obtain a job, perhaps due to conflict in schedules while studying or simply not being able to land one with no experience. In many instances, there may be several candidates competing for the same part-time job especially in Singapore. However, with our work study program, one of the first things we do is assist our students in finding a work placement. This means that you would not need to worry too much about where you’ll find an allowance while you are studying locally.

  1. Effectively uses your time

It is not uncommon to see students juggling a part-time job while studying. However, finances aside, the experience from work-integrated learning puts you one step ahead of students or graduates in the same field. For instance, our hospitality students are able to brush up on their communication skills, enhance their timeliness and have a deeper understanding of what the workforce is like while implementing what they have learned in the classroom. These skills you gain while working, which could take years, can be cultivated in a shorter amount of time.

  1. Gain relevant skills

How often do you hear of law students having a part time retail job? Or accounting students working part time as a barista at a bubble tea shop? These skills, although definitely helpful, may be seen as irrelevant in their professional field. With our work and study program our students are given jobs in places where their skills are relevant and put to use. For our students pursuing their diploma in hospitality management, they work in notable hospitality companies in Singapore! Not only does this look good on their resume, it also gives our students the confidence and understanding of how working in the field would be like.

  1. Financial control

Unlike most forms of financial aid or scholarships, your work-study earnings are given directly to you. This means that you are in control; you get to choose how and where to spend your income, and can prioritize your expenses as you see fit. Of course, we would always recommend that educational expenses remain a priority. However, with financial flexibility, you’d be able to enjoy your time here in Singapore while obtaining your diploma. There is, after all, more to life than working and studying!

  1. Flexibility

Through our placement programs, your employer will be fully aware that you are a student, whether you are obtaining a diploma in hospitality or business. Therefore, we make it a point to remind our collaborators, and the work managers to our students to be as flexible as possible in scheduling work hours around your class schedule.

Eligibility for a work-study program?

We have seen a tremendous rise in numbers of individuals enrolling with us at Alliance Collegiate of Education due to this integrated education and career progression through experiential learning.

We believe that everyone can pursue an education and study what they want to get them one step closer to their dream job. 

So if you’re interested in pursuing this path, get in touch with us today!

Interested in Studying and Working in Singapore?

At Alliance Collegiate of Education, our job is to help you receive an education in Singapore. We have assisted Malaysian students and fresh graduates get a job in Singapore with little to no experience! The one year program consists of a fully funded hospitality course in Singapore, afterwhich you will receive an accredited diploma in hospitality recognised by Singapore institutions. Our students are encouraged to participate in a part-time job while pursuing their diploma, for extra allowance and practical experience that will look great on your CV. 

However, you may be wondering, why study in Singapore? What benefits are there to joining this program?

  1. Singapore’s education has received worldwide acclamation

The tertiary education system in Singapore is known to be world-class and well equipped with the latest technology-driven gadgets to boost the studying of students in the institutions. 

For more than a decade, Singapore has been at or near the top of international league tables that measure children’s ability in reading, maths and science. Singapore is also home to universities that have won global recognition for top-tier academics and boasts a reputation for academic excellence not just in Asia, but across the world.

  1. Affordable Education in Singapore

Many of us yearn to study abroad or overseas, but education in other countries, such as Australia, UK, or USA, may be too costly to consider. On top of the education fees, a student would need to consider other expenses, such as boarding, food and living costs. Singapore has proven to be a great alternative for a tertiary education, with a high standard of quality education and more affordable tuition fees. On top of that, getting around is easier and cheaper since public transport is quite extensive and affordable.

  1. A multicultural society – that feels just like home

Us Malaysians are used to the multicultural society that we have here – and Singapore is no different. With a variety of ethnic groups, Singapore is a melting pot of different religions, races, and cultures. This diversity has attracted foreign students from different corners in the world to pursue a Singaporean education. Given its proximity to Malaysia, many have also used this opportunity to find jobs in Singapore while still staying in Malaysia or traveling home every weekend.

  1. No language barrier – English spoken widely

Despite Singapore’s national language being Malay, English is widely spoken in Singapore and a majority of Singaporeans understand English. Students with difficulty communicating in other languages need not worry about paper work since English is the main language of business & administration.

And, even if you’re not too confident in your English proficiency, you need not worry! Thanks to the multicultural society, you would be able to converse with others in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil!

  1. A safe environment

As students, it is completely understandable why one would be nervous when moving somewhere abroad to pursue an education. While obtaining your diploma in Singapore, living away from home can be nerve-wracking and a little hard to get used to. However, you have little to worry about when coming to Singapore. Singapore was ranked the second safest city in the world in the 2019 Safe City Index. Singapore, with strict law enforcement, has one of the lowest crime rates. 

Alliance Collegiate of Education offers a unique learning experience where our students are able to learn diverse, professional skills specialising in hospitality in just one year. Our students, are able to work with reputable hospitality companies in Singapore while having a fully sponsored part time diploma.

Get in touch with us today.

Further your Hospitality Education in Singapore

Interested in diploma courses in Singapore? Or have you been wondering if a hospitality university is the right fit for you? Singapore, after all, is home to various reputable private diploma schools and the hospitality scene is only ever growing. Not only is it one of the world’s biggest industries – it is incredibly dynamic, constantly evolving and growing – fast. With new technological developments and increasing expectations with guest experiences, more diverse and specialized job opportunities have opened up in Singapore.

Here are 5 reasons why you should seek a hospitality education in Singapore!

  1. It’s an adaptable, global experience

Hospitality, contrary to popular belief, is not just food and beverage or late night shifts at hotels. It’s about providing fantastic customer experience – regardless of where you are in the world. From culinary arts to finance and project management to managing entertainment, hospitality is simply an umbrella term for so many of these various fields.

This also essentially means that hospitality jobs encourage and improve skills that are recognised throughout the world and experiences that can be applied to any business or field. Having a degree or diploma in hospitality makes it more likely for your future employers to take you, since they will be more confident in soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and empathy – skills that can’t be taught via textbooks. These skills matter, and having them makes you very marketable. Working and studying what goes on behind the scenes builds soft skills that are incredibly essential in so many jobs these days. This is why many are attracted to pursuing a degree or a diploma in hospitality globally – it’s a stepping stone onto greater things, and opens doors to various other careers that you should find interesting in the future.

  1. Hospitality is one of the most secure industries

According to The World Tourism Council, the travel and leisure industry will make up for USD $4,065 billion by 2029. It is also predicted that it will directly account for over 154 million jobs around the world. Other fields, with constantly evolving technology and complex Artificial Intelligence, have caused roles in various fields to become redundant in the workplace.

In our program, our students receive their diploma while working part time. Not only does this provide hands-on experience, it also allows our students to enhance the skills that they would need in the field. The hospitality field is founded on human interaction and, with how important these soft skills are, it is much less likely to be affected by automation. 

  1. You’re not confined to a cubicle.

If you’re the type of person that can’t stand sitting around in a cubicle all day, then hospitality is perfect for you. The environment is incredibly dynamic and you may be tasked with different jobs each day. This keeps you moving and on your feet a lot more which not only keeps you healthy, but also allows you to learn more from various professionals in the industry. You also get to meet new people and learn more simply from traveling!

Perhaps you may be wondering what kind of roles are available in hospitality. Often than not, it is assumed that people are confined to waitressing or bartending. Our students had once had the assumption that, when they applied for their part-time diploma while working, that they would simply hold chef jobs in Singapore. In fact, the hospitality industry is one of the largest sectors in the modern world, with enough variety in job roles for any kind of person, from the creative to the corporate-minded.

  1. No experience? No worries.

Have you searched for a part time job during a school break only to find listings that say you need at least a year or so of experience – something you do not have as a fresh student? It may be daunting when applying for a diploma or a degree in hospitality since you’ve never worked in the industry – especially if you’re applying for Singapore, a place that is revered for its education. However, you could still apply to work in Singapore with little to no experience simply with a hospitality diploma!

In such an international and diverse industry, who knows where you’ll end up.

  1. It doesn’t always feel like work

A study showed that those that pursued a job in hospitality were also more likely to say that they were happy at work! Hard to believe, especially with today’s modern mindset that work is just a way to get money. However, the hospitality industry ranked #6 in the world’s top 10 ‘Happiest industries’

That’s a relief to say, especially when you hear horror stories from friends or family with bad bosses or bad colleagues. Although it can’t be promised that you would not encounter such instances in the hospitality field, it is an essential point to provide satisfaction to guests. In turn, many hospitality companies in Singapore are doing everything they can to raise professional satisfaction, so that job turnover is significantly reduced. This not only means that an employee could get promoted and rise through the ranks quickly, but they would also obtain larger salaries over time – all while having fun!

 If you’re still not too sure if you’re ready for a hospitality career, check if you…

  • Have a keen eye for detail?
  • Excel at planning things and organising details?
  • Enjoy working with other people and in teams?
  • Working in a job that involves discovering new places and meeting different people?

Well then hospitality is right for you! 

Here at Alliance Collegiate of Education, we believe that everyone can pursue an education and study what they want to get them one step closer to their dream job. Our students, are able to work with reputable hospitality companies in Singapore while having a fully sponsored part time diploma.

So if you’re interested in getting that education, get in touch with us today.

Learn and Earn!

The Learn and earn program is an exciting opportunity that awaits you right here in Singapore. With the ever growing hospitality scene, you will be able to immerse yourself in a study-work culture like no other! Join us today and stand a chance to earn a scholarship from us!

Living in Singapore

The cost of living can be a huge hurdle for many international students. However, under the Learn and Earn program, you will be able to enjoy a subsidized rate for your diploma studies as well as earn $1000 SGD every month during your internship. This will allow you to live comfortably as a student in Singapore during the 6 months of your program here.