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“Unfold your bright future and let your dreams take flight”


If you are looking for a diploma program with a minimum investment on time and zero tuition fee, This is for you!

Imagine this...


  • 100% Sponsored (F&B) Hospitality Diploma
  • Less than 9 Months Program with On-Job Training PAID APPRENTICESHIP
  • ​Strictly only for Singaporeans, PR, LTVP/DP

Is this you?

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GCE & O Level Graduates

Feeling lost after graduation? Perhaps you still haven’t found your passion, or you just don’t want to spend a long time on a Diploma program…

No worries. This program offers you the benefits of learning while working in the field. Plus, you can finish this program in only less than 9 months! In the midst of this economy turmoil, obtaining a practical skill set and working experience will set you up on a high bar. This certificate is also a stepping stone for you to progress onto a university degree!

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Looking to switch to a new career field

Under the shadow of a pandemic, the unemployment rate is higher than ever.

 If you’re looking to switch your career field to Hospitality, this program offers you a fast-track career switch with open job opportunities and even an allowance of $1400!

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Step up your promotion strategy in the field

You have been in the Hospitality field for quite some time, with an excellent performance, but you still do not get the promotion that you deserve. All because you do not have the diploma certificate…

This is your chance! Get your Diploma certificate with a 100% sponsorship in only less than 9 months!

Why you should join this program?

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100% Subsidized Studies

Exclusive Management Trainee Scholarship sponsor up to 100% for Singaporean, PR or LVTP 

Recognised Diploma

Awarded by collaborated educational partners in local colleges

Learn & Earn Allowance

On-Job Training with a valuable International exposure with high allowance up to $1400

Fast- Track Career

Graduate with Prestige Qualification and customized career road map for better prospect advancements

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International-level professional tutors

To ensure a thorough and outstanding learning experience, teaching materials are prepared and taught by experienced tutors, with the aids of professional facilities and teaching system.

Easy to apply!

No age limit. No academic result required. No working experience needed. If you’re willing, you can get it!

We believe every person has a limitless potential in crafting their own future.

Neither of your academic performance nor your financial situation matters. This program hands you the fastest route to the life that you dream of.

Here’s the list of skills and coursework included in this program:

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To summarize,
These are all of the benefits of this program!

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  • 100% Sponsorship
  • ​100% Job Placement
  • ​Duty Meal Provided

Student’s feedback

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There is no time to lose!
Grab the opportunity to join this once-in-a-lifetime deal!

Bottom line. You will get a stellar Diploma a program with a 100% sponsored tuition fee while only investing the minimum amount of time and zero cost!